Sunday, June 7, 2009

Distribution Act 1958 (as amended in 1997)

The Distribution Act 1958 (as amended in 1997) is applicable to all Malaysian and Foreigners with a Malaysian domicile who die intestate in Malaysia. The Act apply to foreigners who are working here as an expatriate or living in Malaysia on the MM2H programme(My Malaysia Second Home Programme), only in relation to his/her immovables.

Distribution Act 1958 (Extracts)

Section 4 of the Distribution Act 1958 states the following:

1. The distribution of the movable property of a person deceased shall be regulated by the law of the country in which he was domiciled at the time of his death.

For example if it was found a person is a Malaysian domicile and he dies intestate, the law which is applicable for distributing his movables will be the Distribution Act.

2. The distribution of immovable property of a person deceased intestate shall be regulated by this act wherever he may be domiciled at the time of his death.

For example, a person with an Australian domicile dies intestate leaving a piece of land in Malaysia, that piece of land will be distributed in accordance with the Distribution Act.

The Distribution Act 1958 (As Amended in 1997)

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